Cooper / Coyote

Spirit-Urged former Deputy Sheriff


Officer Tom Cooper is a typical and polite man in his 30s. His dark hair is close-cropped, his skin holds a nice tan, he is physically fit and his eyes are bright and cheerful.

However, now that he is claimed by Coyote, his looks change constantly. Sometimes he appears more human, whereas when he is angry or feels that he is about to be foiled or attacked, his true wild self shows. his eyes become yellow like a coyote’s, and patches of fur will begin to show on his skin, ragged and sandy. He will smile a mad, fanged, yellowy grin that is more threatening than mirthful.


Cooper joined the force because he liked the idea of subsuming himself to a larger authority, following orders based on protocol and feeling powerful for doing so.

Coyote is a spirit of pure cunning and trickery. A Gaffling of an ancient spirit court, it has finally achieved revenge on a pack of Uratha that had constantly banished it back into the Shadow. By hijacking Jessica Dane’s body at the locus, it forcer her to slay Speaks with Fire with a silver dagger whilst she slept.

Cooper / Coyote

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