Jessica Dane

Wolf-Blooded Teenager


She wears her blond hair in a ponytail, and usually dresses in comfortable but practical clothing, with a light in her eyes when she sees an opportunity to contribute.


When her parents were killed in a car accident, Jessica (who was unaware of her wolf-blooded status) was taken in and raised by her great grandmother, Speaks with Fire. She has been sworn to secrecy and taught many of the ways of the Ice Lords as well as survival and combat support techniques.

Jessica was possessed by the spirit Coyote and killed her grandmother. The act created a monster that hunted down and killed the rest of the Ice Lords. The Shadow Rain pack took Jessica in for a short time after slaying the beast. She has now returned to town with Rides the Aether (whom she has formed a relationship with) and Calm in the Storm.

She avoids speaking about past horrifying events at all costs.

Jessica Dane

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