Aegis Talisman

A relic of the Aegis Kai Doru


This relic is a silver amulet the size of a man’s spread hand, with the likeness of a Gorgon’s face embossed in the center and a ring of tassels like snakes around the rim.

Aegis medallions are rare and are only given to the highest ranking field operatives of the Aegis Kai Doru.


A character wearing or holding the medallion next to his skin gains three points of armour against physical and magical attacks (three points of ballistic armour as well). This armour bonus does not stack with any other source of armour.

In addition, by brandishing the Aegis Talisman and spending a point of Willpower, he may make a contested Presence + Intimidation roll with a +2 equipment bonus versus an enemy’s Resolve + Composure as an instant action. If he succeeds, that enemy is paralysed with for a number of turns equal to the difference in the number of successes rolled. A paralysed opponent loses his Defense but cannot be struck a killing blow.

Aegis Talisman

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