The Truck

A beat up old F100 with peeling camo. paint and plenty of rust, packed with junk.


In the Front

  • Behind the seats, wrapped in a blanket is the wolf sword.
  • Locked in the large glove box is a shaving kit with all the extra’s, soap, combs, brushes, mirror, deodorant, after shave and even hair gel (wtf?). Calm in the storm spends an embarrassing amount of time grooming and he thinks nobody notices (pride vice).
  • Under the seat is several changes of clothing and camping equipment (light weight sleeping bag, tent, torch etc) that Calm in the storm has stolen from hikers over the years.

In the Back

  • A water proof tarp covers most of the junk.
  • Two army surplus Jerry cans of petrol.
  • A large pile of surprisingly clean blankets that Calm in the Storm sleeps on and under in wolf form.
  • An old Engel car fridge containing beer and bits of deer, rabbit etc from his last hunt.
  • Two spare batteries for the fridge.
  • Tool kit.
  • Shovel.
  • Camp stove and lighters.
  • Large crow bar.
  • Fishing rod and home made bow and arrows that are utter crap.

Calm in the Storm basically lives from this truck. He parks it at pack members houses or out of the way places. He uses caravan parks facilities for showers etc. When driving around he plays strange Celtic music in the outdated cassette player (most of it recorded from Crazy Eyes).

The Truck

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